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Rio Mameyes, Puerto Rico

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Managing Agency:

U.S. Forest Service, Caribbean National Forest

Designated Reach:

December 19, 2002. From its headwaters in the Ban.AE6o de Oro Research Natural Area to the boundary of the Caribbean National Forest.


Wild — 2.1 miles; Scenic — 1.4 miles; Recreational — 1.0 miles; Total — 4.5 miles.

Rio Mameyes

Rio Mameyes

The Rio Mameyes flows in a northerly direction and has outstanding scenic, biological, recreation and historic values. The Rio Mameyes watershed covers 6.88-square miles within the El Yunque National Forest, or 10.4% of the forest. Water quality is optimum within the upper segment, since the entire corridor is located in the Bano de Oro Natural Area and no development exist. Due to steep slopes, no significant flood plains occur. There are approximately 73 acres of riparian wetlands in the designated segments.